Bikini Body

Weight Loss & Tone- Attack your Fat

Want to Drop a few dress sizes? Want to Tone those stubborn body parts that we all have in common? Blast your butt, trim your thighs and help those hips.

The weight loss and Tone program is split into three, 4 week blocks where the intensity, volume and resistance increases as you become stronger and more capable of the workload.
This keeps your body always guessing and increases your ability to burn fat and tone particular areas.

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No Gym No Worries- 8 week Program

Not a fan of working out or strutting your stuff in a public gym? This 8 week Transformation is kept simple with the program changing each week designed to target FAT BURNING from head to toe whilst also giving you a solid general fitness base similtaneously.

This Program is super conveinient and can be completed in a park, beach, oval or even in your backyard or living area.

Programs Bases itself around 3 days a week 1 day on 1 day off.  The sessions are shorter due to the intensity which over the 8 weeks will help you closer to your goal.

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